Our Training Groups

At Bicester Triathlon Club, we believe in providing a supportive and inclusive environment for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Our training groups cater to various age groups and experience levels, ensuring everyone can find a group that suits their needs and helps them reach their triathlon goals.

Young Juniors (TSS, TS1, TS2 - 11 years old)

Our Young Juniors group is designed for children aged 8 to 11. This group focuses on introducing the basics of triathlon, developing foundational skills, and promoting a love for the sport.

  • Fun and engaging training sessions
  • Emphasis on skill development and technique
  • Encouragement and support from coaches and peers
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Older Juniors (TS2 - 12 years old, TS3)

The Older Juniors group caters to athletes aged 12 to 14. We provide a supportive environment to help young triathletes improve their skills, build endurance, and gain confidence in their abilities.

  • Age-appropriate training sessions
  • Focus on technique and race preparation
  • Supportive coaching tailored to individual needs

Youths and Juniors (15-19 years old)

Our Youths and Juniors group is designed for athletes aged 15 to 19. This group offers a challenging and supportive environment to help young adults refine their skills, increase their endurance, and prepare for competitions.

  • Advanced training sessions for improved performance
  • Goal-oriented coaching and guidance
  • Emphasis on race strategy and mental strength
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Adults (Beginner and Experienced)

Our adult training groups cater to both beginner and experienced athletes. Whether you're new to the world of triathlon or a seasoned competitor, we offer tailored training sessions and expert coaching to help you achieve your personal best.

  • Structured training sessions for all skill levels
  • Expert coaching and advice from experienced triathletes
  • A supportive and friendly community to keep you motivated

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