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Mick Thorne

I started my Tri coaching journey at the clubs creation in 2012 when I gained my BTF L2 in anticipation of the founding of the club. I already had qualifications in gym and circuit instruction, I was the lead coach through our founding years where I gained much experience working with novice
triathletes. Maintaining my interest in coaching novices in 2015 I took the step of setting up a Junior section to the club. In 2018 I graduated the first BTF High Performing Coach Programme, L3 course. I am a BTF qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach, an ASA L2 Swimming Teacher, an ASA Open Water Coach and a L1 Training Peaks accredited coach.

I continue to lead the coaching team at Bicester Triathlon Club where we are following a course of action to bring our older junior athletes into more training events with our adult section and create a pathway to a lifelong interest in Triathlon at whatever level an athlete pursues.
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Graham Hazleton

I’m Graham. I’m the clubs Treasurer and as Mick calls us a racing snake. I’ve been a member of the club since 2017. Originally just to get some open water and swim training and got coerced to do my first tri in the September of that year. I’m from a swim background and struggled with the bike and run elements but with the support of the club and it’s coaches they have improved no end to where I’m now stronger in those parts. I have completed sprint, Standard, half IM and Full IM distances and currently focussing on qualifying for Team GB in standard distance. I’m an active participate in local cycling time trials, road running races, swim events, cross country and most importantly supporting my fellow team mates and friends within the club. For me the benefits of being a Tri Club member have been immense. I have made some incredible friends. Keep fit and healthy which allows me to eat and drink whatever I want (the drink is quite a big part of the social club element ) and allows me to push myself and better myself with every session.

Joining a new club or sport, even as an adult can be daunting. I’ve been there myself, but the team mates at BTC made that negligible and you will find friends or someone you will know at every session, social or race you attend.
Joining was the best thing I’ve ever done.

David Dicker

My Triathlon journey started 6 years ago, where a friend of mine suggested we did a super sprint, I mean what can go wrong!! After swimming the 400m breaststroke, riding my Boardman Bike 10k ( with the bell still attached) then jogging the 2.5k to the end I was hooked!! What I’m trying to say is if you can swim, ride a bike and jog a short distance then you can do a Triathlon!!  It’s so much fun, it will improve your fitness, health and put a huge smile on your face when you cross that finish line!What have you got to lose!! Come and join the fun!!  
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Stephanie Harrison

Hi I’m Steph, and I joined BTC in the Spring of 2017, having entered my first triathlon which was at Blenheim. I quickly caught the triathlon bug, and subsequently entered a number of events.
The pandemic and advancing age just about saw me retiring, but my lovely Tri friends had other ideas and saw to it, that that wasn’t going to happen. With the promise of ‘it will be fun’, I’ve been suckered in to entering all sorts of things which have taken me well out of my comfort zone.
I may not have done a triathlon in one go for a few years, but I’ve broken it down into its component parts with separate swims, bike rides and runs (walks) of varying distances.
Triathlon and BTC isn’t just for the young and speedy athletes aiming for PBs and a chance to compete for Team GB. It’s also for those who enjoy the camaraderie and the occasional event, just for the fun of it.

Peter Turner

I am Peter, Club Secretary, I am an Essex born boy moved to Bicester in late 2019 before the world turned on it’s head.  Bicester Triathlon Club was the first club that I reached out to once restrictions started to be lift, which I am so glad it was as I have met a load of likeminded people all with a keen focus on triathlon and socialising.  Triathlon felt like a dream that would never happen for me with health issues and Covid delaying my Blenheim Triathlon debut, but mercifully it all came together in September 2020, I have now taken part in my fourth Blenheim and have started to race in a number of Olympic distance races with other club members which makes it great fun.  I hope to learn so much more from the talented and friendly coaches at our club and start to race in longer distances, one day becoming an Ironman.
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Debbie Gilbert

Hello, I’m Debbie, currently looking after social media for the club. I started my triathlon journey in 2011, having no idea what I was really doing but enjoyed the challenge. I was so lucky that Bicester tri club began that same year so it was perfect timing for me. I joined straight away, learned a lot and got great advice on how to train properly and to this day I still benefit from fantastic coaching. Over the years I have made some of my best friends through the club, everyone is so friendly and encouraging and I’ve done some amazing things I never thought possible