Triathlon Distances

Discover the various triathlon distances and find the perfect challenge for you. From Sprint to Ironman, each distance offers unique opportunities for personal growth, fitness improvement, and a sense of accomplishment.

Bicester Triathlon Club also supports, Duathlon, Aquathlon, Aquabike, Swim/Run, Biathle, Open Water Swimming events and Sportives. If your interests extend to any of these multi-sport, swimming and cycling events please contact us at

Adult Triathlon Distances

Super Sprint Triathlon
The ideal distance for the first time social triathlete, the shortest distances of:

400/200m swim
10km bike
2.5km run
Sprint Triathlon
The Sprint distance is ideal for beginners or those looking for a shorter, more manageable race.
It typically consists of:

750m swim (400m in a pool)
20km bike
5km run
Olympic Triathlon
Also known as the "standard" or "international" distance, the Olympic triathlon is perfect for athletes seeking a more significant challenge.
It features:

1.5km swim
40km bike
10km run
Half Ironman
The Half Ironman, or 70.3, is a challenging distance for experienced triathletes looking to push their limits.
The race includes:

1.9km swim
90km bike
21.1km run
The Ironman is the ultimate test of endurance and mental strength. This demanding distance requires rigorous training and determination:

3.8km swim
180km bike
42.2km run

Junior Triathlon Distances

Bicester Triathlon Club is committed to nurturing young athletes and offers training for tailored race distances for various age groups, from 8 to 19 years old.

** Whilst tarmac distances are given, junior races in these age categories are rarely competed entirely on tarmac. Tarmac will generally only feature as a small part of a grass track.
TristarStart (age 8):
Swim(pool): 50m
Swim (open water): 50m - 100m
Cycle (grass): 800m
Cycle (tarmac): 1.5k**
Run: 600m
Tristars 1 (age 9-10):
Swim: 150m
Swim (open water): 150m - 200m
Cycle (grass): 2k
Cycle (tarmac): 4k**
Run: 1.2k
Tristars 2 (age 11-12):
Swim: 200m
Swim (open water): 200m - 300m
Cycle (grass): 4k
Cycle (tarmac): 6k**
Run: 1.8k
Tristars 3 (age 13-14):
Swim: 300m
Swim (open water): 300m - 350m
Cycle (grass): 6k
Cycle (tarmac): 8k**
Run: 2.4k
Youths (15-16 years old)
400m swim
10km bike
2.5km run
Juniors (17-19 years old)
750m swim
20km bike
5km run

Whilst Triathlon is our primary sport. Bicester Tri club also supports participation in; duathlon, aquathlon,
distance swimming events, swim/run, and cycling sportives

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