Weekly Training Plans & Training Plan Tools


Bob Gill, our level 3 coach provides training plans every week that start in November and build to the club's key races in the summer.


The weekly training plans are emailed to our club members, and can be downloaded from the Member Area of this website.  These weekly session plans not only include the club sessions so you know what we will be doing before you get there, but also additional sessions for you to do outside of the main club sessions.


In addition, there is a master plan which defines the number of hours per week you would ideally be doing and the training phase we are currently in. There is space to log your hours and the details of your session and the week will turn green if you've hit the prescribed number of hours. There are tabs to log weight, caloried intake, work our your calorific needs and all sorts of other useful infomation.


It is up to you whether you follow the plan or not. You can follow some of it, all of it or none of it.


You can still come to the club sessions regardless of whether you are following it.



                           Sample of Bicester Triathlon Club Members Weekly Training Session Plan