Links to Club Pages On Facebook, Strava & Garmin


Click on the pictures of the logos to go to our Club pages on Facebook, Strava and Garmin.

Bicester Triathlon Club has a closed group Facebook page for our members.   


We use the page to share information about training sessions, races and social events.  Plus a lot of triathlon rlated chat.  


Please ask to be added to the group page when you join our club



Bicester Triathlon Club has a Club Page on Strava.


Many of our members use this page to share their training and race data.


It is absolutely in no way competitive.......

Bicester Triathlon Club has a Club Page on Garmin Connect.


The page allows members to upload and share routes that they have discovered.


Members can download and save the routes from the Club Page to their own Garmin accounts.  These routes can then be uploaded to any suitable Garmin device.